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Arak started as a continuation of Abdulrhman Abdulkadir Corp. embodying the highest of standards in the lighting and light importation sector. As a pioneering Saudi establishment Arak partners with renowned global manufacturers and distributors to provide the best quality products for all of its clients. Through the years, Arak has worked on many vital national projects to be a unique example and symbol for quality and excellence.



Our Vision


We aim at Arak to be the leaders in the lighting sector nationally and regionally. We are also committed to always have state-of-the-art products that abide by the highest of international standards to give light to all the subtle details around us that give them their beauty.


Our Begining

Forty years ago, the first iteration of the company started and has since established itself as a competent addition to the line of pioneering national companies with a long history and peerless expertise. The company continued in its success in its projects completing them with the highest of standards and utmost precision until it became a certified partner for many international companies such as Philips and many other prominent global companies.



We put great effort in showing all the details of our products to our esteemed clients. That is why we strive to choose the highest quality and most appropriate products for the market and our customers to show it clearly and directly to never leave any ambiguity in the clients’ purchases.

Our Values



The best and the only best. That is the foundation the company was built upon. That is why we provide nothing but the best quality products offered worldwide in addition to providing the best pre sale and post-sale services to our customers.



There needs to be a special blend of creativity and passion for any product and company to add value to the market. That is why we made sure from the very beginning to make creativity and originality an essential component in every part of the company’s operation.



In Arak’s mission to provide the best products and most value possible. Arak enables all of its employees to attain all the skills and abilities they need through courses and seminars to realize their potential and be able to provide the best service possible.

Success Partners

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